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Financial Service Audit


Is your business maximizing it’s potential?

The Bauen Group would like to invite you to try some of the many financial services offered in the financial sector.  Led by Michael Zievers, the Bauen group looks to go beyond the scope of traditional CPAs and help interpret results, increase margins, audit invoices and provide clarity to business owners for making sound financial decisions for the future.

Services We Offer Include:


Depending on the scope of your businesses, there may be 5-10% inefficiencies in the billing process.  Whether they are electricity bills that need updated profiles or invoices that require increased scrutiny, the Bauen Team can look at your billing statements and assess if savings are possible.


What products or services are your company margins the greatest? Where are they the least?  Are some of them negative?  The Bauen Group can help you analyze your results and help you focus in the areas where you company can become most profitable.


The Bauen Group can help you get a handle on your fixed and variable expenses and better forecast your expenses and drive profitability in the future.


Reducing expenses 5-10% can increase the overall value of a company 20%+.

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Why Partner with The Bauen Group?

At The Bauen Group we focus on the unique needs of small to midsize businesses. Our experience with small business enables us to work with clients in any stage of growth. From building and deploying to forecasting and planning, through optimization and implementation. This approach ensures a greater understanding of short and long-term business goals and objectives which leads to amazing results. Our emphasis is on building relationships with our clients to better understand your business or IT challenges and find the right solutions to get you to the next level.