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ERP Process Improvements 


The use of ERP process improvement methods such as 6-sigma have become standard practices across all business types and industries. The idea behind the concept is that companies should constantly be looking for ways to improve business processes. When continuous improvement is not practiced, companies are constantly having to act in response to issues and problems as the arise. This can cause frustration among customers resulting in loss of business.

In Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, this is especially true. Often times a company’s ERP system needs will change over time with growth or changes in the business process. Process improvement will be needed to ensure the company is ready for any new challenges that may arise due to these changes.

Bauen Solutions’ Steps to Process Improvement


Analyze processes for opportunities.


Look for areas that need improvement.


Suggest system improvements.


Deploy system updates.

On Time

Many remote ERP support solutions are located outside the US therefore are not always available as you need them. Our onshore support allows you to have access to our team within your business hours. Located in the central time zone, you will not have the problems communicating with our team that come with offshore relationships.

On Demand

Our support team is here to help by providing short term fill ins for an employee on leave, long term assistance with projects and upgrades, or any other unforeseen system issues that arise. Don’t fall behind because of unplanned staffing shortages.  Be prepared by having our team on backup.


At The Bauen Group we strongly believe in building relationships with our clients. When you work with us, you will be assigned a consultant that will get to know your business and ERP system challenges and stay with you for any future projects. This time saving results in a lower overall cost compared to offshore alternatives.

In need of ERP consulting services? Contact us to discuss your project.

Why Partner with Bauen Solutions?

At Bauen Solutions we focus on the unique needs of small to midsize businesses. In addition to being Microsoft Partner Certified, we understand the challenges businesses face when growing out of old technologies and specialize in finding new solutions to increase your efficiency and profitability.  Our small business IT specialist have years of experience helping company’s like yours overcome these difficulties and other IT issues that small and midsize businesses may encounter. We focus on building relationships with our clients to better understand your IT and business challenges and find the right solutions to get you to the next level.