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The next generation of cloud business applications has arrived. Meet the changing needs of your customers and accelerate their digital transformation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities into new purpose-built business applications to help you capture this opportunity.


Why Microsoft Dynamics?

Seamless Integration with ERP and CRM

Dynamics 365 is all about access to end-to-end intelligent business applications. It gives intelligent business solutions to businesses of all sizes with the convenience and power of the cloud.

The combination of CRM and ERP applications is of incredible value to businesses. The vision behind Dynamics 365 was born from the goal to make business applications easier to integrate into compelling processes quicker and more efficiently. 

The Power to Capture New Opportunities

Dynamics 365 uses the latest in seamless cloud-technology to find and engage new customers. It can help your business drive specialized value with access to software, programs, campaigns, and other resources to hone in on your target market. With this new series of high performing business applications, you can do more to attract and lock in the leads that will help grow your business.

Built-In Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Dynamics 365 enables businesses to start with the basics, then grow and automate their business capabilities at their own pace. It connects the workflow of business applications with unstructured processes and uses built-in intelligence and advanced analytics to guide employees to greater sales results.

The nimble and adaptable applications of Dynamics 365 allow business users to change and adapt to their customers’ needs in real time, without IT supervision.

Customer Stories 

Sandvik Coromant is part of the Sandvik Group, a global engineering organization that produces machining tools and tooling systems for the manufacturing industry. It has built up decades of industry knowledge within its workforce that it wants to digitize so that it can be analyzed and fed back into its customers’ manufacturing processes to optimize shop-floor efficiency. It has teamed up with Microsoft to create a predictive analytics solution based on the Microsoft Azure IoT (Internet of Things) Suite and Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite. This solution integrates people, machines, tools, materials, orders, storage handling, scheduling, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service capabilities to empower customers to make the best possible business decisions.

Differentiation Opportunities

A cloud-based Dynamics offering opens up the playing field by increasing partners’ ability to differentiate their business by delivering deeper vertical and business expertise directly to their customers. The flexibility of Dynamics 365 provides partners with the opportunity to build or source IP that provides the deep differentiation that will make their business stand out.

“Sandvik Coromant has developed a solution that integrates all elements of the production flow—people, machines, tools, and data—to empower customers to make the best possible business decisions.”


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